Gray Abbott's Resume

TELEDYNE ACOUSTIC RESEARCH (AR), Norwood, MA - Research Scientist, 1979-84

Responsible for computer-related research and engineering work. Managed DEC PDP-11/40 computer system, using RT-11 and TSX-Plus operating systems. Developed applications and systems software for own research and for other members of Research Department.

Developed impulse response measurement system for loudspeaker evaluation, using real-time data acquisition and FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) analysis.

Developed automated test system for production testing of loudspeaker drivers, using Data Translation LAB-DATAX computer system (DEC LSI-11), impulse and tone burst testing, and FFT analysis.

Investigated robotics for production applications, serving as mediator between production staff and robot vendors. Programmed PDP-11 to control experimental robot (Rhino XR-1) to demonstrate applications.

Worked on team investigating adaptive digital filters for loudspeaker equalization. System used FIR filters to remove effects of room acoustics. Worked on several prototype systems, involving hardware and software design.

Wrote software for Motorola MC 6805 microcomputer for HiFi product (AR SRC-1, add-on remote control).

Worked on computer models of auditory processes of localization and echo suppression to evaluate loudspeaker performance.

Served as Teledyne's corporate liaison to a research group at MIT, investigating human auditory perception.

Gray Abbott's Resume