Gray Abbott's Resume

SigmaTel Inc., Austin, TX Senior Member of Technical Staff/Firmware Developer, 2001-2007

Member of Core Software team for mixed-signal SOCs (System On a Chip) for Portable Audio Players (i.e. MP3 players, e.g. iPod Shuffle). Designed and wrote (with others on team) SDK firmware for DSP-core STMP3400, 3410, 3500, and ARM-core 3600 processors. Contributed to ROM bootstrap code for STMP3410, 3500, and 3600. Wrote Requirements and Design documents. Helped hire new team members. Contributed to hardware architecture and design of chips.

Designed and implemented support for international character sets and fonts (including European, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean).

Worked on realtime DSP aspects of code, including digital filters and equalizers and audio recording.

Designer and key implementer for NAND Flash device drivers for STMP3410 and 3500. STMP3600 is also based on this design.

Designer and implementer for Power Management software for STMP3600, supporting dynamic frequency and voltage scaling, in a multi-threaded (multi-client) environment.

Supported early customers in getting their MP3 player designs to market.

These chips and the SDK firmware written for them have been very successful in the market and led to a very positive IPO for the company, in 2003.

Gray Abbott's Resume