Gray Abbott's Resume


Computer Systems and Microprocessors

OMAP, SigmaTel STMP3400, STMP3410, STMP3500, STMP3600, STMP3700, ARM9. HP 9000/300 and 9000/400 series, Macintosh, Concurrent/Masscomp, Sun, Solbourne, Alliant, PDP-11, IBM PC (and clones), VAX, DSP56000, TMS320, MC6805, TMS9995, and others. HP3565 Data Acquisition Systems. Data Translation "Fulcrum" cards (DT3808/9 and DT3818). DSP Research Tiger 40 card.

Operating Systems and Tools

Embedded Linux/Angstrom/Open Embedded, ThreadX, SPOX, Unix (Linux, SYS V, BSD, RTU, Xenix, HPUX, AUX), MS/DOS, MS/Windows, SPOS (HP3565 and HP E1485(VXI)), TSX-Plus, RT-11, RSX-11, VMS, TCP/IP networking, WWW, WAIS, TMS320 emulators (XDS-510 and TEM-4X), Code Composer. ClearCase and ClearQuest. Subversion, git, Eclipse, NetBeans.

Computer Languages

C#, C, Perl, Python, HTML, CGI, CLIPS, RATFOR, FORTRAN, LISP, Scheme, MACRO-11, DSP56001, TMS320 and other assembly languages, UNIX shell scripts. Some work in C++, Java, and Visual Basic, but not a "guru", yet. I've gotten paid for writing code in at least two dozen languages.


Strong math/science background. Extensive readings (and practice) in issues of Software Engineering. Experienced in report and proposal writing, oral presentation, and providing technical training. Very fast at adapting to new fields.
Gray Abbott's Resume