Gray Abbott's Resume

UNIVERSAL DYNAMICS, Round Rock, TX (Home office: Peoria AZ) - Director of Research 1993-1995

In charge of DSP development for embedded component of vibration control and data acquisition/analysis products.

Developed the "engine" for the Northstar Random Shaker Table Controller. Code runs on a TMS320C40 processor, on a Data Translation "Fulcrum" board (DT3809, DT3808, or DT3818), in a host PC running MS Windows. The engine code is written in C and exceeds 10,000 lines. It runs under the SPOX operating system, using Spectron's system and applications libraries, including full multitasking. Host communications use Data Translation's DSPLAB libraries.

The engine handles all realtime analysis and control tasks, independent of the host PC, including data acquisition, windowing, FFTs, spectral averaging, drive correction, drive signal synthesis, alarm/abort checks against spectral limits, etc. The host program (developed in the San Diego office) provides a graphical user interface to the engine's functions, including plotting time and frequency data passed from the engine.

Also developed the engines for a swept Sine Control product and the Pegasus Signal Analyzer. The latter is capable of acquiring data to RAM on eight channels at 100 kHz sampling (using a modified DT3809 board), or on one channel at 1 MHz, with software-based level triggering, including both post and pretrigger delays and multiple active trigger channels.

Office manager for Round Rock, Texas branch office. Supervised second DSP programmer. Coordinated with MS Windows programmers in San Diego office. Set up networking between offices, via Internet.

Gray Abbott's Resume