Gray Abbott's Resume

Gray and Microprocessors/MicroControllers/Embedded Systems

My microprocessor work includes developing the 6805 firmware for the AR Stereo Remote Control, work on realtime digital equalizers for audio applications, at AR and later at Cambridge Signal Technology (aka SigTech - one of my clients at Sofgry Systems). The first of these equalizers was just a PDP-11/40, but we later used a TI 9900 and then a Motorola DSP56001 (a very early application of the 56001).

At Creare, I worked with the TMS320C10 and the 56001 in building prototypes of the hearing aid I invented (a tactile aid for the deaf). I also helped develop a prototype ultrasonic ranging device, using the 56001. I programmed the 56001s in the HP 3565 hardware in a large systems integration project. And I oversaw the development of a precision gas flow meter, based on an 8051. All of these projects were done in assembly language. The ultrasonic ranger and the gas flow meter were projects for the Microprocessor Development Lab at Creare, which I started.

My shaker table control software was done on the TMS320C40, using C and the SPOX operating system.

My work at SigmaTel, used our SOCs (System On a Chip). These were DSP5600 clone or ARM 9 cores, with a bunch of built-in blocks (USB, DCDC, Flash interface, A/D and D/A, etc.), useful for building Portable Media Players (think "iPods"). We wrote in both assembly language and C, using either our own operating system or ThreadX. We provided our SDK to our customers (Rio, Creative, Phillips, Nike, Samsung, Sandisk, and some fruit company, along with lots of smaller outfits, in China), and the code base got up to about one million lines. I worked on almost every aspect of the system, at some point, but I specialized in NAND Flash drivers and power management. I also got to participate in the design of new chips, which was cool for a software guy.

Gray Abbott's Resume