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Custom developers of Scientific and Engineering software. Specializing in Realtime DSP, Digital Audio, Test & Measurement, Acoustics, Shock, and Vibration.

Experienced in:

  • Portable Media Players (MP3, etc.)
  • UNIX (SYSV, BSD, HPUX, RTU, AUX, Linux), X Windows, SPOX, Windows, DOS, ThreadX
  • TMS320C10, TMS320C40, DSP56001, ARM9, MC6805, 8051, HC11
  • C, Python, perl, Java, C++, FORTRAN, LISP, misc. assembly
  • Audio, Ultrasonics, Graphics, Computational Geometry, Robotics, Software Tools, SW Project Management
  • Internet (Web sites, CGI)
  • Perceptual Psychology (Visual, Auditory, and Tactile)
  • Expert Systems, Neural Nets.

Sofgry Systems currently offers the skills of Gray Abbott.

Sofgry Systems
905 Princeton Cove, Pflugerville TX 78660
Phone: 512-990-0058
Email: gray@sofgry.com